Deck of Cards Workout

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By Sal | April 7, 2010

You can get a great workout using nothing more than a standard deck of cards and some basic rules.  Using the Power of Random Order - that's an original term! - the deck of cards workout provides a challenging workout for clients of all ability and fitness levels without needing to use any equipment.

The basic deck of cards workout uses the four different suits to determine what exercises you will do and the cards themselves determine how many repetitions you will do of each exercise.

Each suit of cards contains 105 repetitions, so in the basic deck of cards workout you will do 230 push-ups and 230 body weight squats if you complete the entire deck.  Where did the extra 20 reps come from, you ask?  Don't forget the Jokers!

Shuffle the deck, have your client cut the cards and start flipping them over one at a time.  There's no need to manufacture the order of cards in order to create a difficult workout for you, as the Power of Random Order does it all.

Pretty simple.

The workout can be tailored to anyone's needs, from beginners to advanced clients and all levels in between.  You don't need equipment and as you get more comfortable with this workout you can add different calisthenics and other exercises, including moves that use dumbbells and Kettlebells.  The deck of cards can be used to design and implement efficient, effective and fun workouts. members can learn more about the deck of cards workout by reading the Game Plan that discusses this subject in more details.  If you aren't a member and would like to access this Game Plan, click here to start the process.

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One Response to “Deck of Cards Workout”

  1. Michael Glatter
    10:26 pm on May 1st, 2010

    Using a deck of cards can make for a brutal workout!